Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Weekend Therapy

The first Saturday with my casts off. As every morning, to the cards Mikeman, to get my positive thinking on. From the GG (Goddess Guidance) cards: Eileen (Peace). There is no need to worry as everything is working out beautifully. From the MM (Millionaire Mind) cards: Play the money game to win. Rich people play the money game to win. Their goal is to create massive wealth and abundance. Poor people play the money game to not lose. Their goal is survival and security. From the WPW (Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior) cards: The path of personal evolution isn't showy, there are no glowing signs to identify an evolved being, awakened people often behave in quiet, ordinary ways.

And now for breakfast, 12 grain bagel belt sandwich from Tim Horton's, it was on the run breakfast - got a call from my tenant had to go get supplies since the backhoe had shown up to do some excavations.

Duplex business done, on for physio. Walk about 30 lengths of our house with the first step stiff with the help of the 4 feet high walker with every step getting better and was adding more weight to the leg, gaining more flex in the ankle and feeling more blood flow to my foot.

Wow! Need physic break, leg is tingling and swollen, on comes the ice pack to bring the inflammation down from the knee and the ankle.

Off shopping for more supplies, lunch not the best BK Burger, minor setback on nutrition... Deliver supplies and back home I go...

Afternoon physic: Can't go in pool, wife is gone on a road trip with her Hungarian band, so for me it's back to Mr. 4 foot walker. So after another 20 lengths of passing the house floor, I challenge myself to a "bear more weight to the leg therapy". I gently start adding more weight to the leg by lifting the right leg off the ground and lowering my arm off the walker, adding a very big challenge for my left leg, coming to a ver fast conclusion that the left leg is quickly not supporting the weight yet. Will need more walking strategy. And that is where the afternoon physio ended with energy nap.

Now waiting for tomorrow's physio session, till then yours truly,
The Canadien Redbear
From my heart to yours,
Mike Paquette

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