Thursday, 25 August 2011

1st day of Kicking My Ass in Rehab

Woke up this morning with leg swollen and getting ready for my 11:00 rehab exercise which involved basically seeing what were my limits and where were my obstacles. After an hour of trying to determine how far I needed to go and what I needed to do to get on my feet, the PT performed a series of tests of pulling and pulling on my leg to see how far muscle capacity was able to go.

The comparison was taken from my right leg and tried on my left, so they pulled on the right one first then tested the left one to see how far it would go as far as flexibility, articulate and muscle capacity. End of morning physio, off to lunch.

After an hour of lunch on to water therapy, where the PT kicked my ass with a series of leg strengthening exercises starting with my hip. The exercise was to swing my leg front to back and then stretching my thigh muscle by bending it as far as I could in water. Next exercise was peddling in water, then walking around the pool trying to bear more and more weight on my leg. After that was stretching the calf muscles and hamstrings as a cool down process.

I learned that doing exercise in the pool is less stressful and less weight on my leg than doing in dry land, and water gives you more of a resistance.

Done for the water session physio. After a one hour break, back into the gym for a walking session. To help me a long I had a high walker. Half an hour of walking, leg feels cramped so we ended that session of walking.

Now upstairs to the OT, walking on the leg was done for the day, time to attack the upper body. Meeting the occupational therapist, determining range of motion in arms and wrists, evaluating how far we need to push the left wrist compared to the right wrist, keeping in mind that I can't bear weight on the left wrist. The left wrist will only be able to bend fingers and increase flexibility until the x-fis is out next Wednesday. The right wrist is pretty well mobile, almost 100%. The left hand fingers only bend about 30%, can't form a fist.

After my first day of PT, my body feels more energy, but more achy, but it actually feels pretty good to see the light at the end of the tunnel and my goal closer and closer every day. Really like both of my PTs, because they let me push myself as far as I want to, and they hold me accountable.

To reward me my beautiful wife, son and little husky dog came to visit, bringing me gifts and goodies and taking me out for supper.

Overall, excited to start a new day tomorrow after a good night's sleep and re-energize the body.

Till tomorrow, new day new blog, signing off, from my heart to yours,
The Canadien Redbear,

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