Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Monday August 22, 1022

Good morning everybody!

Today is a glorious day, after the rain is sunshine. Let's get our positive thought of the day. From the WPW cards: Sometimes we have to pass through hell on the way to heaven and deal with the darkness before we see the light. Therefor we are all peaceful warriors in training.

From the MM cards: Commit to being rich. Commitment means "to devote oneself unreservedly". Once you commit to being rich, the universe will assist you, guide you, support you and even create miracles for you.

From the GG cards (from the cards I asked the question: show me the card that will guide me on what I must do today, and this is the card I picked): Sekmet: Be strong. You are stronger than you think you are, and your strength assures you a happy outcome.

Now for breakfast banana, yoghurt, and a bowl of mixed fruits.

On with physio.

I've been sleeping with my left leg up and when I get up blood rushes back down in my leg and feet, a very different feeling... Now on to walking.

Wow!! Just got the call from the rehab centre in Ottawa, they are admitting me at 9:30 Tuesday morning, yaaaahooooo!!!!!

Will write more tomorrow, from my heart to yours,
The Canadien Redbear,
Mike Paquette

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