Thursday, 18 August 2011

Fighting Back To Health

 For those who don't know, I had a bad accident on July 4th, 2011, surfing on a broken tv tower, breaking my fall on the edge of the roof and plunging to the ground. This left me with severe injuries; two badly broken wrists, a shattered femur, broken ankle and two fractured vertebrae. After 10 hours in surgery finally putting all my limbs back together using casts, pins and rods, I've been confined to a wheelchair for the last 6 weeks.

Yesterday, the light at the end of the tunnel, finally the casts came off and some of the pins came out, liberating me. The doctor gave me the ok to start my rehab, uplifting me to get on track to my recovery.

Milestones: the last few nights I was able to hop upstairs and get myself sleeping in my proper bed, and today, with my stubbornness, taking my first few steps unassisted. This is going to progress to full-time rehab for the next few weeks. Inspiring me to do my exercise and to celebrate these milestones, I purchased myself my first Lululemon training pants!

With all you people supporting me out there, now will be the time that I'll need it the most in holding me accountable every step of the way towards my ultimate goals: This time next year I aim to be able to inspire others to reach their own health and fitness goals. Along the way I'm setting personal achievement goals that by Christmas I intend to be back on my skates playing hockey, and on June 9th 2012 I will complete a triathlon with my beautiful, gorgeous wife.

Please join me in this beautiful journey and feel free to give me feedback and advice on making it a huge success. A good swift kick in my ass always helps, and please send any fitness, health and nutrition tips that will help me get back in the saddle quickly!

Yours truly,
From my heart to yours,
The Canadien Redbear
Mike Paquette


  1. We all know you can do that! We'll kick your ass if you don't kick ass soon...!!! Go, Mike, Go!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence!